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Worldwide Mountain Guide - Summary

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Ascensions worldwide and in Kazakhstan, accompanied by the skilled mountain guide, and subsequent tourist programs. For skilled and beginners. Individual approach to each client, constantly expanded geography of ascensions, plus reasonable prices.

The mountain guide from Kazakhstan, Andrey Gundarev 

E-mail: kazguide@gmail.com
icq — 200977735
skype — Almazofff

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Gundarev Andrey

37 years old

Was born, lives and works to Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Participates in projects of «7 Tops» (ascensions on the highest points of all continents), «7 Volcanoes» (ascensions on the higher volcanoes of all continents) and «the Snow Leopard» (an ascension on all семитысячники the former USSR).

The student of school of mountain guides of the UIAGM standard at Association of mountain guides of Kyrgyzstan (KMGA).

The first Kazakhstan citizen on the highest volcano in the world — Ojos del Salado (6893м, Chile)

Visited about 270 cities and settlements in 41 countries of the world.

The head of a special project about travel, rest and tourism of ILoveTravel.KZ on the Kazakhstan blogging platform of Yvision.kz


Almaty power engineering and telecommunications institute

1994 — 1999, the engineer of electronic technique

«TURAN» University, Almaty, Kazakhstan

2001-2004, the manager of tourism, the red diploma


The first sports category — is appropriated 2/19/2007

Member of a national team of Kazakhstan on mountaineering 2006-2008



  • September 2005, Talgar peak (Kazakhstan), 2 clients
  • Summer 2006, Marble Wall (Kazakhstan), 2 clients
  • Summer 2007, E.Korzhenevskoj's peak (Tajikistan), 2 clients
  • Summer 2008, Khan-Tengri peak (Kazakhstan), 1 client
  • Summer 2008, Lenin peak (Kirgizstan), 2 clients
  • February 2009, Aconcagua peak (Argentina), 1 client
  • December 2009, Uhuru peak (Tanzania), 2 clients
  • June 2010, Denali peak (USA), 1 client
  • July 2010, Elbrus peak (Russia), 1 client
  • August 2010, Khan-Tengri peak (Kazakhstan), 6 clients
  • December 2010, Cotopaxi peak (Ecuador), 1 client
  • August 2011, Ararat peak (Turkey), 1 client
  • February 2012, Aconcagua peak (Argentina), 1 client
  • June 2012, Mount Blank (France), 1 client
  • February 2013, peak Orizaba (Mexico), 2 clients
  • October 2013, peak of Punchak-Dzhaya (Indonesia), 5 clients
  • July 2014, Demavend volcano (Iran), 1 client
  • July 2014, Aragats volcano (Armenia), 1 client
  • August 2014, peak Margaret (Uganda) , 2 clients
  • August 2014, peak Zugspitze (Germany), 1 client
  • September 2014, peak Olympus (Greece) , 1 client
  • Qualification of the rescuer
  • Confident possession of downhill skiing
  • Driving license
  • Russian — native
  • English
  • Spanish colloquial, initial level
  • Kazakh colloquial, initial level
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