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Climbing Cotopaxi and Chimborazo, Ecuador

This 9 day climbing tour combines our two highest and most impressive peaks, Mt. Cotopaxi (5897 m) and Mt. Chimborazo (6310 m), with an acclimatization tour, which includes Rucu Pichincha (4698 m), Pasachoa (4200 m) and Iliniza Norte (5116 m). During the excursion we spend a free day in Baños. There you have the possibility to relax in the famous hot springs, do some biking or horseback riding or to visit one of the plenty waterfalls of the surroundings. All in all you pass one week of adventure in the highlands, that you surely won’t forget.

Climbing Cotopaxi and Chimborazo, Ecuador

Day 1: Quito — Pasochoa (4.200 m)- Quito
We’ll leave Quito in the morning by car, heading south for the Avenida de los Volcanoes. During this 2 hour drive you can enjoy beautiful views on the typical landscape and villages of the highlands. The ascent of this extinct volcano will take us about 4 hours. On the top we’ll have lunch and above all a great sight on Cotopaxi and the other nearby volcanoes. After descending we’ll return to Quito. (BL)

Day 2: Quito — Guagua Pichincha (4794 m) — Quito
We’ll leave Quito in the morning and drive by car to the Lloa, situated 10 kilometers west from the capital. From there it will take us approximately 3 and half hours to reach the summit. Later in the afternoon we’ll be back in Quito. (B — BL)

Day 3: Quito — Nuevos Horizontes hut (4650 m)
We will leave Quito in the morning and after driving 2 hours we will be in a place called La Virgen. From that place we start a hike of 3 hours approximately, until the Nuevos Horizonte hut (4650 m), where we will relax, dinner and prepare our gear to climb the next day. (B — BL — D)

Day 4: Illinizas Refuge — Summit Illiniza Norte (5116 m) — Hotel
We’ll get up at the break of dawn and after a climb of 4 hours we’ll reach the summit. On the way back we’ll relax a bit in the refuge and after the descend to «la Virgen» our car will take us to Hotel Cuello de Luna, our hotel which is situated in the Cotopaxi National Park. (B — BL)
Day 5:  Hotel Cuello de Luna — Cotopaxi Refuge (4800 m)
Our car will bring us to the parking space at 4600 m. From there it will take us another hour to reach the Jose Ribas refuge (4800 m). There we’ll do some exercises in the glacier, have supper and prepare the ascent. (B — BL — D)

Day 6:  Refuge — Summit Cotopaxi (5897 m) — Baños
At midnight we’ll get up and start the climb, which will take us 7 hours. From the summit you’ll have a marvelous view on the crater, with its diameter of 800 m and sourrounding volcanoes and peaks. Around Midday we’ll be back in the refuge and we’ll continue our tour, heading for Baños, where we’ll spend the night in a hotel. (B — BL)

Day 7:  Free day in Baños
This picturesque town offers you a lot of possibilities to spend an unforgettable day…you can relax in the famous hot springs, visit some of the numerous waterfalls like for example the Pailón del Diablo or do some biking or horseback riding. (B)

Day 8:  Baños — Chimborazo Hut at 5000 m
Our car will leave us at the Hermanos Carell refuge at a height of 4800 m. From there we’ll hike 45 minutes until we’ll reach the Whymper refuge at 5000 m. We’ll prepare our equipment for the ascent, have dinner and rest. (B — BL — D)
Day 9:  Refuge — Summit Chimborazo (6310 m) — Quito
We’ll start the ascent at midnight and after 8 hours we’ll reach the first summit (Veintimilla 6270m), from there we’ll continue the climb until we’ll get to the Whymper summit at 6310 m, it is the highest point in Ecuador. The tour ends with the return to Quito in the evening.(B — BL)

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