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Ascensions worldwide and in Kazakhstan, accompanied by the skilled mountain guide, and subsequent tourist programs. For skilled and beginners. Individual approach to each client, constantly expanded geography of ascensions, plus reasonable prices.

The mountain guide from Kazakhstan, Andrey Gundarev 

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16/06/2013 Almaty traveler, mountain guide Andrey Gundarev goes on a new adventure. For three weeks, he plans to visit 3 countries and 3 to climb the volcano — Kazbek (5033m) in Georgia, Ararat (5165m) in Turkey and Damavand (5600m) in Irane.Andrey already ascended Mount Ararat in September 2011, the Kazbek and Damavand new tops for him.

17/02/2013 two successful ascensions on volcanoes of Mexico are made! 4 persons on February 14 on a volcano of Istasikhuatl and 3 persons on February 17 on the highest volcano of North America Orizaba (5636м).

1/02/2013 on 9th February this year climbing expedition of the Russian-Kazakhstan team «Smolensk — Almaty» will start. The volcano Orizaba (5636м) in Mexico is chosen as the purpose of the next expedition. After a successful ascension on the highest volcano in the world, Okhos-del-Salado in Chile, Andrey Gundarev continues to move on the programs «7 Volcanoes». This time the line-up is changed, one of residents of Smolensk was replaced by the citizen of the USA, one Muscovite was added. The multi-international team turned out.

1-10/10/2012 From October first to October tenth in Ala-Archa was trained the 1st semester of the third stream of the Kirghiz school of guides of UIAGM. On Ratsek, in a hut on a moraine of a glacier Ak-Say, 8 students from Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, one graduate student from the second stream as the trainee and three trainers (teacher) from among finished the first stream this time gathered. I was among students. Photoreport here.

21/7/2012 on July 30th, the group of three people leaves from Bishkek to China, for an ascension on Muztag-Ata peak (7546м).

10/07/2012 The ascension to Mont Blanc on June 16th in windy, but a clear weather is successfully made. All participants are live-are healthy. The ascension to Matterhorn didn't take place because of difficult weather conditions.

6/5/2012 the summer Has come, the conceived plans began to be realized. Ahead the whole month of change of places, pictures, people, countries of Western Europe. The Russian-Kazakhstan two Sukhanov-Gundarev goes again on ascensions. On 8th of June Andrey Gundarev takes off for Moscow and further 13th to Geneva with Yury Sukhanov from Smolensk with which they carry out programs «7 volcanoes» and «7 tops».
Mont Blanc (4810), on «classic», near to the French small town Shamoni will be the first and an overall objective this time. If there are forces, and they remain, and weather on slopes of Mont Blanc will allow not to be late, the two moves in resort Swiss Tsermatt to make an ascension on the most beautiful and difficult top of the Alpes — Matterhorn (4478м), on a crest of Hernli.

03/05/2012 Important information! Due to the new Chinese rule which has come into force in April, 2012 that in one group there can not be representatives more than one country, I am compelled to carry out a set to groups on the basis of nationality of participants... That is I form groups for visit of Tibet of citizens of one country. Consider this information if you go to Tibet the international team.

16/04/2012 Presentation of one more my project and a site devoted to travel to Tibet. http://www.tibet-travel.kz

01/03/2012 I passed the introductory test in Mountain Guides School in Bishkek, Kirgizia. UIAGM standard. Employment will begin in October of this year.

23/02/2012 The historical moment friends! For the first time in history mankind the first guide and first man from Kazakhstan, with a flag of the country, has risen on top of the highest volcano in the world — Ojos del Salado (6893м). The ascension has passed in the Alpine style, at top stood at a gale-force wind 70km/h, 2/23/2012, at 12.00. Together with me on top was staing guides of company «Alpindustriya» Maxim Bogatyryov and Darya Yashin, Russia

01/12/2012 Short news plot on 31st channel of Almaty about preparing ascension to Ojos del Salado

12/23/2011 On February 2012 the next big travel to the South America is planned. This time the command from Kazakhstan, Russia and the USA (1 guide and 2 clients) will make an ascension on the highest volcano in the world — Ojos del Salado (6893) in Chile and on the highest point of continent peak of Aconcagua (6962)

12/23/2011 the Site is started in a test mode

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