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Andrey Gundarev (Almazoff)

Ascensions worldwide and in Kazakhstan, accompanied by the skilled mountain guide, and subsequent tourist programs.

For skilled and beginners. Individual approach to each client, constantly expanded geography of ascensions, plus reasonable prices.

About me

Hello, my name is Andrey Gundarev. And I’m a mountain guide

I live in Almaty city, Kazakhstan

Participates in projects of «7 Summits» (ascensions on the highest points of all continents), «7 Volcanoes» (ascensions on the highest volcanoes of all continents) and «The Snow Leopard» (an ascension on all 7000 meter peaks in the former USSR).

The author of the unique project “Crown of Europe” – ascension (visit) of the highest points of all countries of Europe.

The first Kazakhstan citizen on the highest volcano in the world — Ojos del Salado (6893м, Chile).

The author of the program Crown of Europe, climbing the highest points of all European countries.

Since 2011 regularly organizes tours to Nepal and Tibet.

Visited about 880 cities and settlements in 72 countries of the world.

The member of Kazakh National Geographic Society.

Currently writing articles about tourism for Forbes-Kazakhstan Journal, the editor of a special project about traveling and have my personal blog on platform Yvision.kz.

successful expeditions
with clients on the world's tops
my ascent's geography
high-altitude expeditions
on the peaks above 6000m
in free-style trips

My full CV is on the link

Achievements and Skills

The first sports category — is appropriated in 19.02.2007

Member of the national team of Kazakhstan on mountaineering 2006-2008

My skills:
Qualification of the rescuer
The first sports category in climbing
Confident possession of downhill skiing
4 languages (english, russian, spanish, kazakh)

Successful ascencions with clients

  • summer 2007, Korjenevskaya peak (Tajikistan), 2 clients
  • summer 2008, Khan-Tengri peak (Kazakhstan), 1 clients
  • summer 2008, Lenin peak (Kyrgyzstan), 2 clients
  • August 2010, Khan-Tengri peak (Kazakhstan), 6 clients
  • July 2016, Lenin peak (Kyrgyzstan), 1 client
  • August 2010, Khan-Tengri peak (Kazakhstan), 2 clients
  • Summer 2006, Marble wall (Kazakhstan), 2 clients
  • February 2009, Aconcagua peak (Argentina), 1 client
  • June 2010, Denali peak (USA), 1 client
  • February 2009, Aconcagua peak (Argentina), 1 client
  • September 2005, Talgar peak (Kazakhstan), 2 clients
  • December 2009, Uhuru peak (Tanzania), 2 clients
  • July 2010, Elbrus peak (Russia), 1 client
  • December 2010, Cotopaxi peak (Ecuador), 1 client
  • August 2011, Ararat peak (Turkey), 1 client
  • February 2013, peak Orizaba (Mexico), 2 clients
  • July 2014, Demavend volcano (Iran), 1 client
  • July 2014, Ararat peak (Turkey), 2 clients
  • August 2014, peak Margaret (Uganda) , 2 clients
  • June 2012, Mount Blank (France), 1 client
  • June 2012, Breithorn peak (Swiss), 1 client
  • October 2013, peak of Punchak-Dzhaya (Indonesia), 5 client
  • July 2014, Aragats volcano (Armenia), 1 client
  • August 2014, peak Zugspitze (Germany), 1 clien
  • September 2014, peak Olympus (Greece), 1 client
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